• There Seems To Be No End To PPI Claims

    Compensation claims for mis sold PPI has hit a new level high this year, banks are being forced to set aside millions to deal with the claims and quite rightly, but there is a bigger picture to be painted in this global forecast.
    It is already interesting to see how things have shifted; just ten years ago, this many PPI claims would have been unthinkable. Now, they are the reality. The financial world has been going through a rather tremulous time, and this is one of the results.
    PPI is an acronym that stands for payment protection insurance. This can be used if you have a credit card that you have not paid off, a loan that you cannot afford, or a mortgage. It is a type of insurance that is supposed to help you make sure that you can afford to make your payments.
    As you can imagine, being able to make the payments on a home or a car is very important. Without being able to do so, you might end up having the home or the car taken away from you. This is why people are so attracted to this type of coverage to begin with.
    The main reason that there have been more claims now than ever before is because banks have been mis-selling PPI for some time now. They have been doing this in all sorts of different ways. Mostly, they have been adding it into the payment plans that are discussed above. For example, they have been connecting it with mortgages.
    They have even been telling people that they have to have it, not explaining to them that it is not compulsory. They have also not been explaining the terms that go along with the insurance, so the people who have "purchased" it have not even known what they bought.
    The secondary reason is that the courts have recently ruled in favor of the people and not the banks. They have stated that the banks need to pay back the money on all of the mis sold PPI policies. Some of them were sold fairly and honesty, and those ones are exempt. However, the people who were misinformed or tricked into buying policies that are not helpful now have the backing of the courts as they try to get their money back.
    To be fair, many PPI claims this year are for other purposes. They are being made because people need the assistance that they have purchased if they are going to make their payments on time. The disappointing thing is that many people are being turned down for these claims because of loopholes and regulations that they knew nothing about when they made the purchase.
    They would never have bought the policies if they had known what they were really getting. This is why people have become outraged and they have started fighting the banks to get back all of their money.
    As mentioned above, it will be interesting to see where all of this goes in the future. Hopefully, the banks will get everything sorted out. They will make things right with those that they wronged. From there, they can start selling legitimate policies again in a trustworthy, honest fashion.


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